Our professionalism and expertise are reflected in the number of repeat projects that we have executed for several clients in various countries. The details of our major projects are listed below.

  • Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of PLC based automation system for Cutter-Suction dredger controls (year 2011).
  • Design, repair, modification and commissioning of Boiler automation system for the vessels Seaways Venture and Seaways Valor (year 2011).
  • Total electrical job including project planning, cable laying, termination, testing and commissioning of AHTSV as turnkey project for TEBMA group (year 2011) (Client: SCI).
  • Installation, cable laying, termination and commissioning assistance of Thruster system for Wartsila India Ltd (year 2011).
  • Repair, design and modification of shaft generator, auxiliary engine and EDG control circuits of the vessel Seaways Venture and Seaways Valor (year 2011).
  • Servicing and testing of alarm system for the vessel DCI Dredge XI including calibration of gauges, transmitters and switches(year 2010)
  • Design, installation, testing and commissioning of winch control system of slipway complex for KSINC (year 2010).
  • Installation and commissioning of Integrated Alarm system and Tank gauging system for MPSV Trico Sabre (year 2010).
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of instrumentation system for C2 and blender plant for Nitta Gelatin INC(year 2009)
  • Servicing and testing of Thruster remote controls for the vessel RV Samudra Shaudhikama(year 2009)
  • Installation and testing of UMAS system (make: Rolls Royce) for 8nos PSVs (UT755L) during the period 2006-2009 for TEBMA group.
  • Installation and commissioning jobs of Barge Instrumentation with NOV of JUR Sagar Kiran for ONGC(year 2008)
  • Servicing and testing of Draw works controls of JUR Sagar Kiran(year 2008)
  • Overhauling, servicing and testing of Bulk Weighing system of MODU Sagar Bhushan for ONGC(year 2008)
  • Overhauling , servicing and testing of Ballast control console of MODU Sagar Bhushan(year 2008)
  • Total rewiring and testing of main engine controls for MV Khadeeja Beevi and MV Hameedath Bee(year 2008)
  • Overhauling ,servicing and testing of Bulk weighing system of MODU Sagar Vijay(year 2007)
  • Installation and commissioning assistance of drilling instrumentation system for JUR Trident II (year 2007)
  • Installation and commissioning of new Talkback system for JUR Trident II (year 2007)
  • Installation and commissioning support for IG system automation for MT Bharati Dasan at cochin shipyard Ltd (year 2006)
  • Servicing and testing of alarms and control circuits of Main Engine , Thrusters etc of the vessel GTV Samudra Sarveshak (year 2005).
  • Servicing and calibration of diving equipment and controls of GTV Samudra Sarveshak(year 2005)
  • Retrofit of Main Engine and propulsion system including calibration jobs of INLCU 32 & 34 for Indian Navy(year 2005)
  • Installation and testing jobs of DP system of DSV Samudra Prabha(year 2004)
  • Design, supply and installation of weapon alarm system of INS Virat ( year 2004)


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